Slovenia Slovene Playlist

When I designed this section of the blog, I never thought I would have so much content to put in it…

Last night, Daso introduced me to his friend Laura, and we spend the night listening to top Slovene hits… We really had a laugh… Now I’m sharing all these treasures with you!

Eurovision fans, you might know these already

Karmen Stovec represented Slovenia at the Eurovision song contest with this English version of her original Slovene song. She boasts that she wrote the lyrics herself…

Another Eurovision delight. Sestre (pronounce Sisters). They’re a popular drag act here.

National symbol

Bele Vrane sings an ode to the “sky scraper” of Lubljana, a building locals are still very proud of.

Picturesque Slovene

Here we are exploring contemporary pop/folk music. This needs no comment really.

Apparently Freddy Miler is not as popular here as he is in Argentina (or another south American country, my friends weren’t sure, but a country were facial hair is not an issue…)

Wild Slovene

Tjasha Zhidan. She believed so much in her carrer that she sold her house to produce this video. Actually, she produced two on the same day. The result is really… surprising!

Bonus Track

Well, she is not really Slovene, and she is not really a she. But she was popular here for those two reasons… They even had a show here, and party to finance her sex-change operation… Give it up for Salome!


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