Café de l'Industrie, mon spot café wifi favori à Paris!

France Ouverture du blog

At last! After two months designing and developing my perfect travel blog, you can at last click on it!

For those of you who didn’t know it, I am about to set off for a trip around the world. In fact it’s more a new way of life that just a trip. You can learn more about me on this page, and about the trip here.

Anglais ou fançais ?

Because my French is just as bad as my English, and because I want those words to be read by as many people as possible around the world, this site is mostly going to me in English.

Why already so many kilometers before actual departure?

Well, the official departure date is the day I am going to leave France officially. But I have been nomadic since last December, and moving around a lot between Paris and London for Visas, papers, and to bid farewell to my friends and family. And I had to run some test and fill this blog! So all this pre-trip is somehow part of the whole adventure!

What am I going to post here?

I will be sharing my travel experience. Tell stories about things I do, places I visit, people I meet. Photos, videos and sounds will be posted in reasonable quantity and fair quality as long as it is technically possible.

How am I going to survive?

Stop asking silly questions, please!!! Well, I don’t know. I’ll be careful and I’ve got good insurance, but I trust people are kind, and everything will be just fine!
I will feed on not much, and sleep rough. I will travel on buses, trains, cars, boats, wheels or hulls, or just soles… whatever I can find!
I’ve reasonable budget to start with, and you can help! Check out the donate page to learn more.

Where am I going?

There. Check out the map, and the itinerary page to find out.


Internet café, Wifi, this should be pretty random, but hopefuly regular. I hope to be able to upload all the material I gather, within reasonable time and budget.

How to follow me?

You can bookmark this page, follow me on twitter, and like my page on Facebook

Now what’s next?

Well, I am collecting my passport from the Azerbaijan Embassy with the visa, and the visa from for Kazakhstan both on Monday if everything goes to plan. Tuesday I am going to Grenoble to get my car and some stuff i’ve left there. Then I am spending the rest of the week with friends in Ardèche, joining my parents in their new home on the Riviera for a house warming and farewell weekend.

Official departure is on Sunday 27 May, when I’ll be heading to Florence, Italy for my first couchsurfing…

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