Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan waives visa for 44 European and Asian countries!

Since 28 July 2012, 44 European and Asian cities no longer need a visa to enter Kyrgyzstan for tourism.

When I heard the news in Uzbekistan, I decided I would visit! I had just heard so much about Kyrgyzstan (the mountains, the lake, the people…) that I changed my plans to see this.

So I went to Kazakhstan for a quick visit of Almaty, that also seemed attractive for its close mountains. And indeed it was really nice. I also met a really nice couple of guys while couchsurfing!

But it felt weird to take the direction of Kyrgyzstan without visa. I feared a misunderstanding, an error, communication problems with customs authorities.

When I presented my passport to the Kazak customs, they asked me about the Kyrgyz visa when they saw I hadn’t any. I said I didn’t need one, but they apparently didn’t know about it… then I was a little worried. I took my pack, and walked the few hundred meters to the Kyrgyz side. And then… relief! they just stamped a new page, and that was it! Marvelous! No paperwork, no waiting at a consulate, and no charge!


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