Italy From Florence to Ljubljana

I really wanted to take the train, and I wouldn’t see it differently.

The plan was: train from Florence to Mestre, then bus to Villach (Austria), and then train to Ljublana. Departure 9:25, arrival 17:00 approximately. This was acceptable, but a little expenssive: a little more than EUR100.

But it didn’t turn out well.

First, I couldn’t get the international ticket from the Florence ticket office because of a network breakdown. I only booked the Florence-Mestre leg of the journey.

Then, the train got delayed because of the earthquake that just happened before the train departure. Read the news on the BBC website.

So I missed the connection in Mestre and eventually took a train to Trieste to try and catch a bus to Ljubljana. But the train arrived too late to catch the 14:00, so I had to wait for the 18:20 bus, arriving in Ljubljana at 20:20

I spent the afternoon in Trieste, walking with my heavy bag.

The bus was late due to the earthquake… when it arrived, I realized the bus had left Florence at 12:00 and was going all the way from Florence to Ljubljana… I could have caught it and spend the morning in Florence…

But I don’t regret it because although expensive, the train was comfy and I could work on my computer.

I finally arrived in Ljubljana at the originally scheduled bus time: 20:20!


Florence – Mestre, Train, EUR43.00
Mestre – Trieste, Train, EUR10.-
Trieste – Ljubljana, bus, EUR13.-

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