Kazakhstan From Almaty Kazakstan to Bishkek Kyrgyzstan

The mini buses to Bishkek leave from Sairan Bus station. I don’t know how frequent they are because I had the chance to get one immediately as I arrived at the station around 10am. There is no need to go to the main KACCA (cashiers), but there is a special enclosed area with a gate within the terminal, just opposite the cashiers. Payment is made on board, the cost is 1300 Tenges.

The road takes about 3 hours to the border post at Georgievka. The mini bus drops everyone with luggage on one side, and picks up those are patient enough on the other. It’s indeed tempting to take a taxi for a few hundred SOM not to wait and get straight to destination in Bishkek instead of ending at the Western bus station in Bishkek.

Passport control was pretty smooth. On the Kazakh side, they just stamped my visa with the exit seal, but asked about the non existent Kyrgyz visa. I just grabbed my passport back, and wished what I heard was true and applicable: Kyrgyzstan had waived the obligation of visa for 44 countries including France just two weeks ago. But still, I was a little scared something would go wrong…

On the Kyrgyz side, the officer who controlled my passport sent me to another office outside which other people were already waiting. This wasn’t very reassuring… But someone came out the office, took my passport and disappeared again. After another few minutes, they handed me back my passport, and I checked for a stamp. The entry seal was there, all fine!

Good, this was the beginning of my 60 free days in Kyrgyzstan, yey!


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