Kyrgyzstan The Gay Situation in Central Asia Today

My trip took me to Georgia, Azerbaijan, and to central Asia: Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and I’m now in Kyrgyzstan. Homosexuality was legalized in 1998 in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, then followed Georgia and Azerbaijan in 2000, but is still illegal in Uzbekistan. To be more specific, what the law from the former Soviet Union mentions is anal [...]

Seperating the cream and the milk

Kyrgyzstan Hike and Yurtstay at lake Kul Ukok

From Kochkor, there are two main options for trekking: Lake SomKul or Kul Ukok. The first one is rather large, and further out. It’s possible to go by car, horse riding, or trekking, by the long road, or the short trail, from the Kyzart pass reached by car. Smaller, more isolate Kul Ukok can be reached [...]

Kyrgyzstan railway 'network'

Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan: a Train Fan Disappointment

While travelling to lake Issyk Kul, I had notice the rail track along the road. On my way back, I saw a passenger train circulating. This tickled my curiosity. What’s the railway situation in Kyrgyzstan? To find the answer, I decided to visit the station in the capital: Bishkek-2. The station itself is a decent building. The main hall [...]

Drying cheese bag, the yurt and the lake

Kyrgyzstan CBT: the greenwashing of tourism

Community Based Tourism (CBT) claims to be socially sustainable tourism, emphasizing community well-being over individual profit, supporting local development. Well, I have been a customer of CBT, and have been talking with other tourists who also used their services. The reality opens to a different perspective… CBT offices are like tourist information centres and travel [...]


Kyrgyzstan Interview with Labrys, the gay and lesbian group in Kyrgyzstan

Labrys is the main LGBT group in Central Asia. Created in Bishkek in 2004, they are a fully officially registered organisation, and operate in the region with of the help and financial support of international NGOs. Syinat Sultanalieva kindly accepted to do this interview with me for Homolab. This audio is the full interview. EDITED [...]