United Kingdom From house to house in London

During my very enjoyable stay in London, I had two homes. One in Kennington with Lucio and Baylen, and the other with Daniel in Lower Clapton. I was cycling between the two and literally crossed the whole of London from one end to another. I ran something like 50/60 km during the week… loved it!


United Kingdom Almost ready to depart

I am in London. Visiting friends, having some good time, and litteraly just finishing my blog while Visas are being made in Paris for Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. François Hollande was getting ready to becoming the French President, Londoners are getting ready for the Olympics, the Queen is getting ready for her jubilee… everyone is waiting [...]

London Friends

United Kingdom London friends

How cool is that? I had a great time, and I could finish my blog development! Thank you all! Federica, Lara, Lucio Baylen, Nick, Chris, Bobby, Jim, David, Stéphane, and Daniel. Sorry I couldn’t see everyone, come and meet me along the way around the world!


United Kingdom Standing At A Crossroads…

… and contemplating all possible roads. After a slight diversion in my travel, that included a short seasonaire job in a ski resort in the French Alps and one month in Paris, I am now posted in London. It’s good to be back here, with some time ahead to work out different options for the [...]