United Kingdom Almost ready to depart

I am in London. Visiting friends, having some good time, and litteraly just finishing my blog while Visas are being made in Paris for Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

François Hollande was getting ready to becoming the French President, Londoners are getting ready for the Olympics, the Queen is getting ready for her jubilee… everyone is waiting for a great moment. A moment of a lifetime.

For months I have been preparing this trip and preparing myself for this trip. The closer I get to departure, the more tensed and excited I am.

Actually, the journey has already began, in a way and in several ways. After I left my last home, on the 12th of December 2011 in Paris, I have been ‘homeless’, nomadic almost. Val Cenis were temporary homes. I was staying with friends in Paris, and now London. For the last few months all of my stages have become shorter and shorter. Next: Paris again, holiday in Ardèches, and a housewarming weekend at my parent’s new home in the South East.

Thank you to all my friends and family for their support, a dream is about to come true. A very special thanks to Marion, Catherine, Baylen and Lucio, and Daniel for making their place my home in Paris and London.

In exactly eleven days, I will be on an almost constant move.

This blog is the place to catch up me and follow my track. I will be updating regularly.

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