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Slovenia Lakes and National Park in Slovenia

Today my host Dašo borrowed his brother’s car to take me to see the northern lake and mountains in the Triglav National Park. Triglav means Three-Headed, this is the name of the hightest mountain of Slovenia, the national symbol found on the Slovenian Flag.

Slovenia Open your ears to Slovenia

Here again in Ljubljana, my host has been so friendly.

We spent the first night on his balcony with his flatmates. He was telling me about his home eastern region, close to the border with Hungary, where the speak a dialect. He then played this song to me. Regina sings in this dialect. I loved the music, the atmosphere of the video and this is the first real typical music I post in the section.

Italy From Florence to Ljubljana

I really wanted to take the train, and I wouldn’t see it differently.

The plan was: train from Florence to Mestre, then bus to Villach (Austria), and then train to Ljublana. Departure 9:25, arrival 17:00 approximately. This was acceptable, but a little expenssive: a little more than EUR100.

But it didn’t turn out well.

First, I couldn’t get the international ticket from the Florence ticket office because of a network breakdown. I only booked the Florence-Mestre leg of the journey.

Then, the train got delayed because of the earthquake that just happened before the train departure. Read the news on the BBC website.

So I missed the connection in Mestre and eventually took a train to Trieste to try and catch a bus to Ljubljana. But the train arrived too late to catch the 14:00, so I had to wait for the 18:20 bus, arriving in Ljubljana at 20:20

I spent the afternoon in Trieste, walking with my heavy bag.

The bus was late due to the earthquake… when it arrived, I realized the bus had left Florence at 12:00 and was going all the way from Florence to Ljubljana… I could have caught it and spend the morning in Florence…

But I don’t regret it because although expensive, the train was comfy and I could work on my computer.

I finally arrived in Ljubljana at the originally scheduled bus time: 20:20!


Florence – Mestre, Train, EUR43.00
Mestre – Trieste, Train, EUR10.-
Trieste – Ljubljana, bus, EUR13.-

France I Will Follow Him

Tonight was a very special night for me.
I had the chance to be with some of my dearest friends in Paris (check out the pic in Paris Friends post), but also to go to my favourite bar to party: Rosa Bonheur.
At the end of the night, I went for a last drink with the Rosa Bonheur choir lead by the amazingly talented Marco, and they sang for me the title song from Siter Act: I Will Follow Him. There couldn’t be any better appropriate song!
Thanks guys, I really had such a moving time!

And you get the chance to hear it now! This will remain forever in my heart!

France Already Gone!

I know, this is cheap musical taste. But actually, I like it! And the lyrics kind of perfectly fit my current situation!

Now try and catch me, if you can!